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As a classical musician, he was a member of the Classical Youth Orchestra of the Algarve, the Orquestra de Metals do Algarve, the Barreiro Music Chamber (for which he also contributed with arrangements), Setúbal Conservatory Wind Instrument Orchestra, Setúbal Conservatory Chamber Choir, philharmonic and chamber music groups, having performed hundreds of concerts all over the country and representing all the schools he attended (eg he represented the Faro Conservatory at the Algarve Youth Classical Orchestra and the Setúbal Conservatory at the Music School Encounters at the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian).
Later, at 2002, he began studying jazz and saxophone music at the Villas Boas (Hot Club) jazz school with Paulo Gaspar and Pedro Moreira.
At 2004 he moved to Amsterdam where he recently finished with a degree in Jazz at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where he studied with Ferdinand Povel, Jasper Blom and Dick Oatts.
As a jazz musician he founded four bands with music written by himself, Urban Connections, Desidério Lázaro Quinteto, Quartet and the Trio; joined the Big Band National Youth as a lead-alto and clarinet, made hundreds of concerts in Portugal and abroad (Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Austria and Italy) as sideman and frontman. He participated in workshops with David Binney, John Clayton, John Taylor, Peter Bernstein, Joe Lovano, Greg Tardy, Larry Goldings, Chris Potter, among others.
In 2007 it was part of the musical "Cats", with which it crossed the main Dutch stages.
At 2010 he released his first trio album, "Impertinent Routine" (JACC Records), which received good reviews by the specialized press and was considered one of the albums of the year for magazine. In September 2012 released his second album, "Samsara" (Symma Records), which was very well received by the specialized press, and was considered one of the best records of the year by the director of the 2 Antenna, João Almeida, publicly expressed in a program of the 1 Antenna on the discs of the year.
In 2013, he edits his 3 disc of originals, again with the trio, "Brain: State Zero" (Symptom Records) while finishing the Master in Jazz Performance at the Lisbon Superior School of Music.
In 2015 launches its 4º disc of originals, "Subtractive Colors (Symptom Records) and in 2018," Moving "(Symptom Records)
He is a professor at the Superior School of Music in Lisbon and at the Universidade Lusíada.