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Drishti Beats

Drishti Beats is a yoga band where participants are guided by the energy of music. It consists of 2 yoga instructors, DJ, vocalist, rapper and saxophonist.

The goal of this band is to inspire participants to experience the symbiotic relationship between yoga and music, stimulating the body, mind and spirit, creating a high sense of consciousness, another level of connection and energized happiness.

Drishti - A Sanskrit term meaning a focused and focused look.

Where your Drishti goes your energy flows.

EP's / Singles

• Paradise High (2017)

• Breathe, Relax, Flow (2015)

• Journey (2015) • Time Flies (2015)

• Journey (CloZee Remix) (2015) • You Feel It Too (2018)

• It's All Good (2018)

• It's All About the Music (2018)