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JLA Singer

For Joana a Arte is her home, do not ask her to choose one art for another. Music and Painting cohabit in perfect harmony. He has painted since remembering his existence, has sung since 16 for more than half of his existence. He lives in a limbo between the two art forms, a balance in which he feels professionally complete.
Graduated in 2001, Graphic Design, at the Higher Institute of Art and Design (IADE) in Lisbon.
At 16 years, and in a contestation of who is born without fear of being what she wants, Joana Lobo Anta decided that she was old enough to give wings to her Side B: singing. In its course it began in bands of punk and rock, went through the reggae to the Jazz and the Electronics. He attended the Escuela de Musica Crescendo Musical, also had private lyrical singing lessons with Professor Cristina de Castro.
In 2008 a love called Jazz has matured simultaneously with the alter ego of the passionate woman of the House music, toasting us in their extraordinary performances where the beat suggests improvised melodies and words at the moment.
Joana paints, sings, composes, represents, teaches with a free and wild heart leaving no one indifferent. Do not cling to labels, hence its stamp "Unlabeled Artist".